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Pewter Crook-handled Hearth Tidy Set

Pewter Crook-handled Hearth Tidy Set

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Our pewter crook-handled hearth tidy set is the perfect fireside accessory for those who like their hearth spick and span. With an antique pewter finish that's as smooth as your Dad's flat cap, this hearth tidy set brings a dash of elegant design and a scoop of practicality right to your fireside.

This isn't just any old brush and shovel set; it's a duo with durable construction and sturdy bristles that can handle a bit of ash without throwing a strop. It’s compact, sure, but don't be fooled—it’s as essential to your fireplace as a good pair of wellies at Glastonbury.

Traditional craftsmanship meets ergonomic ease with the crook-handled design, making sweeping up those pesky ashes as easy as pie. And the easy storage? It's so convenient, you'll have more room for all those logs you've been meaning to stack up for months, chop chop!

This set isn't just about keeping the hearth tidy; it's about doing it with a bit of sophisticated flair. It’s a timeless accessory that’s all about functional elegance, ready to become the most reliable piece of kit in your fire maintenance arsenal.

For the lovers of home decor that serves a purpose beyond looking pretty, this hearthside essential is a no-brainer. With a sleek profile that fits in with any fireplace, this set is the silent hero of ash management.

So, if you're all about that traditional yet timeless vibe and a hearth that's always shipshape, look no further. Our pewter crook-handled hearth tidy set is ready to step up and bring some functional elegance to your fireside. And that's how you keep the home fires burning bright, without the usual faff, it's hot stuff without the hot mess.


  • Height: 9 cm
  • Width: 37 cm
  • Depth: 13 cm
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Colour: Pewter

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