Cancellation & Returns

We at Click Style Limited really hope you will be delighted with your purchases, however we do realise that occasionally this may not be the case. This policy, together with our full Terms of Service must be read and followed to enable us to successfully process our customers’ cancellation and return claims as quickly and fairly as possible.


If you are a consumer, the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 give you the legal right to change your mind and end the contract for any reason. This 14 calendar day “cooling-off period” begins once your order is complete and we send you the order confirmation, i.e. when the contract is formed and ends as set out below. You may also cancel for any reason before we send the order confirmation.

  1. If the goods are being delivered to you in a single instalment, the cooling-off period ends 14 calendar days after the day on which you (or someone you nominate) receive(s) the goods.
  2. If the goods are being delivered in separate instalments on separate days, the cooling-off period ends 14 calendar days after the day on which you (or someone you nominate) receive(s) the final instalment of goods.

If you wish to end the contract for this reason, you must inform us within the cooling-off period. You may inform us in any way you wish (including by email, post, or telephone). Please state that you want to cancel and end the contract, providing your name, address, details of your order and, where possible, your email address and telephone number.

Your cancellation notice is effective from the date on which you send it. Provided you send your cancellation notice or contact us directly by 23:59:59 on the final day of the cooling-off period, your cancellation will be valid and accepted.

Please note that this right to cancel may not apply in the following circumstances:

  1. If the goods are sealed for health or hygiene reasons and you have unsealed them after receiving them;
  2. If the goods consist of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed computer software on physical media and you have unsealed them after receiving them;
  3. If the goods are likely to deteriorate quickly, for example, flowers or food;
  4. If the goods have been personalised or custom-made for you;
  5. If the goods have been inseparably mixed with other items (according to their nature) after you have received them.


We accept returns when an item arrives damaged or when we have sent an incorrect item. This must be reported to us within 24 hours using our online Returns Form. 

We accept returns when our customer changes their mind or makes use of Distance Selling Regulations.  You have 14 days to claim your return using our online form, however delivery charges and restocking charges will apply.

All return claims must be submitted through our online form and any further correspondence in relation to the claim must include your Return Reference number within the subject line.  We will require you to upload any relevant photographs of damage or quality issues using the online form.  This will help us to see the issue and allow us to offer advice if required or identify any recurring product issues.  

Please also ensure to keep any original packaging, which will be needed if a collection is required.  Your return is required to be accepted before proceeding and returned goods without a returns form completed/accepted will not be processed.  If your return is accepted and you choose to use your own courier, it is your responsibility to cover payment to third party couriers and to return the goods in an unused, originally packaged and undamaged condition. 

Once your products are cancelled, or have been received by us, your refund will be processed within 14 business days. All refunds will be made to the original method of payment only.  

We will notify you by email when your refund has been successfully processed.  Please be aware, depending on your bank, times do vary for the funds to appear into your account and this is something which is out of our control.   Generally refunds are received within 2-3 days after processing.

All returns must be in the original packaging. 

Returns must be submitted with complete evidence and information using our Returns Form, within 24 hours of your delivery for defective goods or incorrect item returns and 14 days for Distance Selling Returns. We do not consider evidence submitted outside of this timescale.

Returns submitted over emails are not entertained and only by following the correct process as outlined, will returns be considered. Incorrect or incomplete notified returns may not be processed.

Our courier company will only collect the returned product from the original registered delivery address and under no circumstances will the product be collected from another address. This safeguard is in place to inspect the product at the original address to avoid any possibility of breakage in subsequent transits. If the product has been moved to another address, the return stands void.  

If returned items require redelivering, this may incur additional delivery charges to you, our customer.  

We strive to deliver customer satisfaction with inspired interiors that excite us and our customers. Our design-led products do contain variations due to the manufacturing process, these are not faults, but are what makes your product unique and differentiates our products. Many of our products are hand-made or hand-finished, this is how they are intended and the resultant variable finish is what helps to see the unique product and stand it apart from the mass produced items found elsewhere. Due to this, when you placed your order, you did so on the understanding that these natural or batch variations may be present due to the manufacturing process and these are not faults.  It is important our customers understand the natural occurrences on our products to avoid having your claim rejected.

To process a customer return, we reserve the right to change our decision based on our inspection of the products once they have been returned to us.  If the products are not returned to us within a set period of time, we reserve the right to charge full price and delivery charge on all replacement items.

We aim to process the returns form within 2-5 working days.

If you have any questions in relation to this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at and our customer service team will assist you.