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Silver Octopus Wine Cooler Nautical Champagne Bucket with Tentacle Stand

Silver Octopus Wine Cooler Nautical Champagne Bucket with Tentacle Stand

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Anchor your bar collection with our silver octopus wine cooler, affectionately called Octavia by our team, but feel free to christen this chap with a name that floats your boat. The ultimate treasure for sea-faring souls and coastal decor enthusiasts, this nautical champagne bucket is a deep-sea spectacle with tentacles that promise to hold your bottles as steady as a ship in calm waters.

With a polished finish, this marine-themed wine bucket is more than just a spot to chill your Chablis; it's a conversation starter that'll have your pals spinning yarns about legendary sea creatures and thrilling coastal adventures.

Octavia doesn't shy away from the spotlight; his sculpted tentacle base is designed to make a statement in any kitchen, dining room, or yacht cabin. Whether you're hosting a beach house banquet or just enjoying the sunset from your balcony, this elegant wine bucket is as functional as it is artistic.

Who needs a plain old wine stand when you can have an octopus playing sommelier? This ocean-inspired wine cooler is a salute to the deep blue, making it a standout piece for coastal decor lovers. Perfect for those who want to add a splash of nautical charm to their sipping sessions, it's a sea creature wine chiller that's as cool as the ocean breeze.

So, hoist up your sails and navigate away from the ordinary with our Octavia Octopus, the silver champagne bucket. It's not just about keeping your bubbles brisk; it's about charting a course to memorable nights and smooth sailing. Bottoms up to adventurous sipping!


  • Height: 38 cm
  • Width: 36 cm
  • Depth: 36 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Material: METAL
  • Colour: SILVER

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