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Medium Faux Puglian Olive Tree 150cm

Medium Faux Puglian Olive Tree 150cm

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Give a warm 'ciao' to our medium-sized faux olive tree: a gracious tribute to the sun-kissed orchards of Puglia. Standing at an impressive 150cm (nearly 5 foot, for the non-mathematically inclined), this imitation olive tree, with its lush black olives and true-to-life leaves, could easily deceive the most observant Nonna during her surprise visit for a lively Aperol Spritz session.

This artificial olive tree is a dream for those craving a dash of Italian rural charm right in your living room. An impressive tree which adds a touch of elegance to your pad. A potted gem and saviour for those who aren't exactly blessed with a green thumb. With its heightened realism, you might just find yourself doing a double-take on its faux status, all with absolutely no maintenance required. Imagine having a lush green retreat that stays evergreen under your care!

At 150cm, it's ideal for establishing a snug corner or for shutting down that neighbour who prides themselves on their 'rare' plant collection.

Our artificial olive trees are tailor-made for the indoor life. Fancy bringing a touch of the great outdoors to your balcony or garden? Hold that thought! These indoor gems are not too keen on the idea. A bit of sun here and there? Sounds nice, but it might give them a bit of a colour change, and we're not talking about a nice summer glow. And let's not even start on the typical British downpour - it's really not their thing. Sure, you can treat them to a quick outing for a special do, but at heart, they're homebodies, happiest away from the fickle UK weather.

This isn't merely a replica olive tree; it’s a grand, easy-care, stylish slice of Puglian elegance.

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  • Height: 150 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Depth: 17 cm
  • Weight: 4.15 kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Green

Care guide

Caring for your artificial trees is a piece of cake. They're like the low-maintenance friends of the plant world – always looking lush with just a smidgen of attention.

When it's time for a little dust-off, a soft cloth or an anti-static wipe works wonders. If you're feeling up to it, the soft brush attachment on your vacuum can also join the party, making quick work of those broader leaves. And for those who like to dot the i's and cross the t's, a craft brush can be your secret weapon for those tiny nooks – totally optional, but there if you want to go the extra mile.

Keeping these green gems looking shipshape is all about that occasional TLC. With just a quick swipe here and a gentle brush there, they'll keep on turning heads and brightening up your space, no green thumb required!

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