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Black & Chrome Fireside Companion Set

Black & Chrome Fireside Companion Set

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Our black and chrome fireside companion set, where modern elegance meets the warm, crackling comfort of your living room fire. This isn't just a fireside accessory; it's the ultimate fire tool set that combines a robust stand with chrome, quite frankly a very handsome companion indeed.

Boasting a black finish with polished accents, each piece in this set—from the tongs to the poker, brush, and shovel—sport an ergonomic design that makes stoking and sweeping as effortless as possible.

But this kit isn't just about contemporary style; it's about functional appeal. It's a hearthside kit that handles ash control with the finesse of a maestro, all while looking like it stepped off the pages of a posh interior design magazine.

The sturdy craftsmanship and durable materials ensure your fireside remains as stylish as it is spotless. This fireplace set is so easy to use, it’ll make maintaining those cosy fires a downright pleasure and all without breaking a sweat.

The companion set is the stylish accessory that stands by, ready to leap into action or just sit looking pretty—because who says you can’t have a bit of flair with your fire?


  • Height: 48 cm
  • Width: 13 cm
  • Depth: 13 cm
  • Weight: 1.805 kg
  • Material: Metal
  • Colours: Black Chrome

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