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Contemporary Silver Round Cluster Wall Mirror 100cm

Contemporary Silver Round Cluster Wall Mirror 100cm

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This wall mirror is expected back in stock late May, 2024.


Our contemporary silver round cluster wall mirror, it's circular, it’s reflective, and it’s ready to outshine the disco ball at your next house party. This isn't just any old 100cm silver wall mirror; it’s the silent chatterbox in the corner, winking at you with its multiple pane mirrors as it casts a bit of cheeky reflective pizzazz around your pad.

Now, let’s talk nitty-gritty. Adding this silver mirror to your wall is like swiping right on a winning profile. It's the kind of match that promises to make your space look bigger, brighter, and more 'come hither' than a chocolate fountain at a wedding. Without getting all professorial, it’s simply physics, dear Watson – light bounces off this beauty and gives your room a vibe that says 'I’ve got space to spare, and I know how to use it.'

And who needs a sledgehammer to go all open plan when you’ve got this geometric stunner? It’s like a visual wizard, creating the illusion of extra square footage without the need for a dust mask or planning permission. Hang it up, and voilà, your lounge is breathing like it's just ran a marathon – in a good way.

So, let our silver wall mirror work your room, maximising its space mojo. Your walls will thank you.


  • Height: 100 cm
  • Width: 100 cm
  • Depth: 10 cm
  • Weight: 6.6 kg
  • Materials: METAL Mirrored glass
  • Colour: SILVER
  • Shape: Round

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