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Black & Gold Circular Wall Mirror with Grooved Detailing 64cm

Black & Gold Circular Wall Mirror with Grooved Detailing 64cm

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Take a look at our black and gold circular wall mirror with grooved detailing and angled frame, it’s a statement waiting to happen in your home.

Not your average reflective piece, I should jolly well say not, it's a round beacon of style, boasting a black and gold colour combo that's as timeless as the old vinyls but with a spin that's all today's beats. The grooved detailing? That’s like the bass line to your favourite track – absolutely essential and giving it that textured frame everyone will want to touch. Hands off naughty!

And the size – 64cm of pure fabulous, perfect for ensuring your hair’s doing what you asked it to this morning. But the real kicker? That angled mirror frame that throws back a reflective grin with a bit of an attitude, all "Look at me, being all bold and chic on your wall, like what you see sweetheart?"

It's a decorative piece that brings a slice of modern decor into any room, with an ornate flair that doesn't get all high and mighty about it. The elegance is as laid-back as a Sunday morning snooze.

This mirror isn't just for catching a glimpse of your sweet self; it's wall decor that makes an unusual statement. Be that person with the artfully designed, 64cm circle of sophistication on their wall. It's contemporary, it's a real looker and you will love it.

And get this – it comes with all the fixings, so you can skip the epic quest through 'the sh*t drawer' for a mismatched screw or a 'this-might-work' hook. Everything you need to get this beauty on the wall is in the box, ensuring a smooth set up that won’t have you flipping the house over. Wave farewell to those DIY woes and usher in the era of easy-peasy mounting!

Bring on the bold, bring on the gold, and let’s get a bit of that grooved detailing going. Your wall will thank you and don't be surprised if your feet start 'accidently' taking detours for yet another peek. It's like the mirror's got its own gravitational pull - cheeky thing!

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  • Height: 64 cm
  • Width: 64 cm
  • Depth: 11 cm
  • Material: Mirrored glass
  • Colours: Black Gold
  • Shape: Round

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