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Black Faux Pampas Wreath 60cm

Black Faux Pampas Wreath 60cm

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Here's a sleek twist on the classic wreath: our black faux pampas wreath is lush, with a full look that catches the eye and doesn't let go. Designed for modern homes, this artificial pampas grass wreath is a no-fuss nod to contemporary style. The deep black tones offer a bold contrast, perfect for adding a touch of drama to a minimalist setting or complementing an already chic decor.

This artificial pampas wreath is a sizeable 60cm in diameter, it's just right for making an impact without overwhelming your space. Whether it's creating a welcoming vibe on your internal door or adding an artistic flourish to a feature wall, this statement piece is ready to up the ante in your home's style stakes.


  • Height: 60 cm
  • Weight: 0.21 kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black

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Care guide

Caring for faux pampas grass is no drama and very low rent. We advise you to keep your pampas out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour. However, if your window sill is absolutely crying out for some pampas, and your little cat likes to rub his chubby face against it, then crack on, we wouldn't dream of getting in the way!  For that extra oomph, give your pampas a gentle blow with a hairdryer on a low speed, cool settling; it'll fluff up those plumes a treat. With these easy-peasy steps, your artificial pampas grass will keep adding that elegant and charming vibe to your home, all hassle-free!

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